Goodbye to a year of growth!

What did you accomplish in 2018?

No matter which way you spin it, we grew in 2018. And that's all because of YOU and the awesome work you're doing here at CREATE. Not only did we see a record number of young people come through our doors for STEAM-enrichment classes this year. We also helped local entrepreneurs grow their businesses in a variety of ways. Take a look back with us as we reflect on our biggest year yet.

Our biggest news in 2018 was bringing on our first two full-time employees, Leslie Barbour our Executive Director and Emily Fesler, who serves as Program Director. With their help, we hosted three boot camps this summer where students were given the opportunity to learn the basics of coding through M-Bot robots and LEGO Mindstorms.

Student Porter learns to program the M-Bot

Members also got to use the space this past year, spending time working on a variety of projects. One of our faves was the Halloween decorations made by member David McClain. McClain used some of our tools and supplies to create cool, creepy, motor-powered Halloween decorations for his sister’s front lawn. He did everything from motorize a clown to swing an axe, to using our CNC router to carve aluminum claws for a replica of Freddy Kreuger. He even taught Emily and Leslie how to make spooky skulls!


We are currently working with local entrepreneur Susan Evans and her brainchild the “NebTray,” which will help nebulizer users organize their medicine. Our 3D printers have been whirring getting her prototypes ready!

The NebTray looks to revolutionize how Nebulizer users organize their treatments

CREATE attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life, because our primary goal is to serve as a source of creativity. As we like to say, "If you can dream it, CREATE can help you build it." We're creating the future of Aberdeen. This year, come join us.


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