One Man's Trash...

"Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. Upcycle." Is that the new mantra? Could we all be a little bit better about it? Probably. We scoured the internet to find a few great recycling (and upcyclying!) ideas and we're here to share them with you -- go out and make a difference!

1) Most of us have that jar of buttons lying around, right? With a little glue and some earring backs, you've got a stylish new accessory to add to your jewelry box.


2) Have a little one at home? They'll love it when you turn pop bottles into a jet pack!


3) Hold onto those fast food spoons that pile up in your junk drawer and turn them into home decor magic!


4) These wintry days sure do rack up a heating bill! Save some money by lighting a fire and using these made-at-home fire starters.


5) We all fuss with where to put our phones when we're charging them. Well, no more! Finish up that lotion bottle at home and DIY a cell phone charger holder!


Do you have a favorite recycled/upcycled project you like? Share in the comments!


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