What is a makerspace anyway?

One of our biggest hurdles here at CREATE is explaining to people just what the heck we do! How exactly do you define what a makerspace is? The beauty is it can't really be defined, because it's where creativity happens! We like to consider ourselves one part your Dad's toolshed, one part think tank and one part the crux of innovation.

We love nothing more than having our space filled with thinkers and doers, collaborating their brilliant minds on projects that stimulate our minds or push us to the brink of our imagination. Our space has been used to 3D design prototypes for burgeoning businesses, create techy Halloween lawn decorations, or even as a place to get a small sewing business off the ground.

We offer a wide range of technological products available for purchase. We are equipped with multiple 3D printers, a CNC router and have a laser etcher on its way. We even have two staff members on hand who can readily assist you in logo design, film work, copywriting and even offer some marketing advice.

So maybe this isn't the broad range definition of a makerspace you were looking for, but we hope it it helps you better understand what we do here at CREATE!

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